Chauffeur will wait 60 minutes free of charge.

Chauffeur will wait 60 minutes free of charge.

Terms & Conditions

1. Once you book with ELITE EXECUTIVES TRAVEL, you would get an instant email for the journey (s) information. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to check the email on time and the information/details received to us are accurate or not.2. However, in the above-mentioned circumstances, the best solution that we can offer you is to get a local taxi, don’t worry, we will pay the difference if the local taxi will charge you extra.

3. There is no restriction on you to travel with us before 3 hours to flight departure, but surely we would not be responsible for any delay too.

4. It’s always wise to reach airport before 3 hours and for this, you need to book taxi accordingly. There could be unpredictable delays Enroute to or from, so it’s necessary to plan taxi travel at least before 3 hours. ELITE EXECUTIVES TRAVEL would not be at any fault if any passenger misses his flight, if 3 hours check-in time was not allowed to the driver.

5. We recommend getting travel insurance before booking with us (in case of misfortune).

6. We would not take any reasonability if your luggage capacity requirements exceed than the fleet booked. If you are not sure how much space would be needed, simply call us and our customer care representative will assist you.

7. We would not be responsible for flights delay if there will be any reason from the mentioned-below ones:

• Traffic delay
• Accidents
• Breakdowns
• Weather conditions
• Trade disputes
• Threat of War
• Act of Terrorism
• Sabotage
• Official website booking error
• Website down
• Computer Down
• Unforeseen circumstances


8. If for some reason you want to delay or cancel your booking with us, it’s necessary to inform us not the driver at least 24 hours before traveling with us. Otherwise, we would charge you 100% for the taxi fee.
ELITE EXECUTIVES TRAVEL use its own fleets whenever possible but in some case do use third party companies as well.

9. We understand how much it is important to take care of your privacy and that is why we take care of it. Once you visit our website and share personal data, we make sure it will not use for any inappropriate cause. ELITE EXECUTIVES TRAVEL is License by Luton Borough Council (not registered for VAT).

• Our contact details are as follows: 48 Easingwold Gardens, Luton, LU11UD
General email:
• Telephone number: +44 (0) 20 7993 2229
• Private Hire Operator Licence Number:


10. Security of your personal data/information-It’s our responsibility to take care of all the personal information shared by passengers with us and we make sure to take technical precautions to avoid any kind of misuse of data.

11. ELITE EXECUTIVES TRAVEL holds all right to amend or revise Terms and Conditions, which are listed on the website, without giving any earlier notice. However, the effect of revised Terms and Conditions shall be observed after 1 hour of publishing them.


For each payment reminder, Elite Executives Travel may charge an appropriate penalty fine.

For unpaid credit card debts, Elite charges the User for the incurred expenses (bank, credit card company) and reserves the right to assert an appropriate handling fee per incident.If invoices wouldn’t be paid then Elite Executives Travel will refer any outstanding invoices to Debit Collection Agency to recover the outstanding balance which may cost more then what you owe to company

What Do We Do With Your Personal Information?

Personal information shared by you to us, track while still website is being used may be used for some reasons. These are:


• To manage a website
• To make the website more relevant to you by using it
• Enables passengers to get the advantage of services on our website
• Ensure purchased services via our website
• Send account statements and to collect payments from passengers
• Send passengers communication record
• For sending emails and responses
• For dealing with enquiries and complaints regarding our service
• Prevent fraud and make payment way secure and safe