Chauffeur will wait 60 minutes free of charge.

Chauffeur will wait 60 minutes free of charge.

Debunked: Myths about Luton Airport Transfers

by Yasir khan

Posted on October 21, 2021

Debunked: Myths about Luton Airport Transfers

Are you entirely new in Luton? Or do you have to visit frequently in this city? Well, it doesn’t matter at all! Generally, anyone looks for is how to reach the destination after getting down the flight. You may not be an exception! What if you get a quick cab and set off toward your destination? With our Luton airport transfers, you can do so. But, some people avoid booking airport taxi services driven by some misconceptions. Let’s clear it!

Misconceptions about Luton airport transfers

Waiting in a long queue can be frustrating, especially while in a hurry! Still, travellers prefer to avoid hiring Luton executive taxi services because of some confusion between the facts and myths.

However, not all the services are the same. You can rely on us in this regard. Now, go through the following misconceptions and explore the facts. Such as:

Myth 1: Airport taxis are not safe!

After going through negative feedbacks over the web, people take airport transfers as trouble. But the reviews can come from those who decide on a taxi service with a random choice. Isn’t it?

Our Luton airport chauffeur services are reliable and safe. We have honest, trained, and experienced chauffeurs to serve you. Also, they wait near an hour outside the airport for the clients to offer a hearty welcome! Therefore, you will make mistakes if you consider our services unsafe.

Myth 2: Booking is a hassle!

With us? Of course, not! You can make pre-booking your fleet online just in a minute. All you need is

  • Visit our website
  • Choose a fleet that fits your accommodation
  • Provide a detailed address of your pickup and drop-off location
  • Mention your schedule, including the time and date
  • Click on ‘Quote now’ and book then!

It will be at your location on time and take you safely to the airport or somewhere else you want.

Myth 3: Have to wait for hours!

Not at all! Our chauffeurs will be at your doorstep or outside the airport before you step out. Make sure to get hold of the best executive car service in Luton so that you can get into the cab with no wait! Even if your flight is delayed, we will wait for your arrival at your mentioned location.

Myth 4: Expensive

If you compare public transports and airport transfers in Luton, yes, the charges may be comparatively high. Still, you can get the comfort and luxury here during travel that you cannot expect in the former ones. Hence, what’s wrong to spend a few more when you can enjoy a hassle-free ride?

Myth 5: Poor-maintained taxis!

Yes, we agree that some taxi companies do not pay attention to their vehicles and their maintenance. But with us, you won’t regret it! Our staff keeps the fleet clean while washing before and after every journey. We aim to provide our clients with the best travel experience.

Was it helpful? Then, what keeps you waiting! Contact us for Luton Airport Transfers just by a call at 020 7993 2229 / 01582 235959 now!

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